A Recap of the 10th Edition Securex Value Awards


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At Securex, we are one big family. And as a family, we share our stories as a way of supporting and encouraging each other. For this reason, every year we celebrate amongst us those who have lived by our core values “We Are Family” and “Whatever It Takes.” 

Whatever It Takes describes the duty of Securex staff to go the extra mile for the company’s stakeholders. Our staff members are team players in their respective fields and continuously do whatever it takes to ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied and the Securex purpose is succeeded.

We are family describes the strong family bond that constantly drives the growth of the Securex brand. We have been the pacesetters in the security industry as a result of our zeal to work together. Our family bond lives not only among us but trickle down to our customers as well.  Therefore, by sharing these stories, we get to nominate and award those staff members who have consistently lived by these values. How it works is that the Securex staff members are all allowed to nominate fellow employees they feel have lived up to the core values, after which four nominees are selected as winners. 

On Friday, 11 February 2022, the Securex family held its 10th edition of the Value Awards to celebrate and honor those who had lived by the company values. Since its inception in 2017, the Securex Values Awards have been an internal employee recognition program that is geared toward promoting the company cultures which are, “We Are Family” and “Whatever It Takes.” 

The 10th edition of the Securex Value Awards, saw eight employees emerge winners for their acts of courage, integrity, selflessness, and hard work. These were security officers who had displayed selfless dedication to the Securex cause. Speaking at the award ceremony, the Securex CEO Mr. Tony Sahni commended the winners for their dedication to the Securex cause and characterized them as the true personification of “Whatever it Takes.  

Securex Agencies (K) LTD CEO,Tony Sahni, poses for a photo with the eight winners of the 10th Edition Securex Values Awards.

Among the winners was Jason Mukabana who has served for four years. He won the “Whatever it takes” award since he put his life on the line to save a client who was about to be run over by a truck. He was lauded to be very alert and aware of his surroundings. Another winner was Evalyne Akinyi, a security officer who played a role in unearthing a fraud syndicate that was costing a client a lot of money. She was praised for her sharpness and her attention to detail.

Our third winner, Elisha Akoko, has served for nine years and was feted for showing exemplary performance. He apprehended a suspect who had attempted to steal from his assignment and he was praised for being swift. He was delighted to win his TV set and promised to keep up the spirit. Our fourth winner was Irene Chirchir, who won the “Whatever it takes” award and got a shopping voucher for identifying expired raw materials while receiving stock delivered by a supplier. She saved the client’s quality compromise and was praised for being keen. 

Securex Agencies(K) LTD Senior Operations Manager, John Ogutu, presents an award to Michael Kinyua for winning the “Whatever it takes” award.

Our fifth winner, Golicha Gabriel, was feted for stopping a robbery by denying access to suspects who had a truck and claimed to have been sent to collect construction materials from a site.  After 15 years of service, Evans Wakulo, our sixth winner, won the “We Are Family” award for helping the company retain a client. He is very proud of wearing the Securex badge he said as he received his gift. 


John Kokesy won the “Whatever it takes” award. He has portrayed strong company values and is always willing to go the extra mile to support the office. Michael Kinyua was our eighth winner as he received the “Whatever it takes” award for going out of his way to ensure a site was not left unmanned. 

Securex Agencies(K) LTD Chief Executive Officer, Tony Sahni, awards Jason Mukabana for winning the “Whatever it takes” award.

The Securex CEO lauded the entire team for making it possible to have the awards and concluded by urging everyone to own the program and to make its success their personal ambition. The Securex Values Awards is on the verge of creating a big impact in the corporate world in Kenya regarding employee recognition and motivation, hence setting a benchmark for other organizations to follow.  

The next season of the Securex value award is already underway, and the company looks forward to sharing more stories of fearlessness, courage, and honor.   

Congratulations to all Season ten winners!