Intrusion Detection Solutions

Revolutionizing East Africa’s security landscape with cutting-edge, AI-enhanced alarm systems.

Intrusion Deduction Solutions

Customizable intruder alarm systems that provide 24/7 support and utilize state-of-the-art technology, enabling remote monitoring and control of various devices from anywhere.

Our cloud-based setup ensures efficient alarm and electronic device management. Our expert team designs a personalized security solution tailored to clients’ specific needs.

  1. Advanced Wireless Tech: Ensures secure, long-range device communication.
  2. Custom OS: Boosts system stability and security against cyber threats.
  3. Quick Mounts: Enables fast and easy device setup.
  4. Central Hub: Facilitates real-time alerts and remote system control.
  5. Accurate Detection: Smart algorithms reduce false alarms by distinguishing real threats.
  6. Energy-Efficient: Devices run on batteries for extended periods, maintaining constant protection.
  7. Robust Security: Employs strong encryption to protect against hacking.
  8. User App: Offers full system control, notifications, and logs through an intuitive app.
  9. Visual Verification: Cameras allow for immediate alarm verification, lowering false dispatches.

As a Securex customer, you gain 24/7/365 access to our emergency response service, manned by a highly skilled cadre of professionals ready for immediate action. Our local experts, steeped in emergency response training, are adept in hazardous materials handling and comply stringently with health and safety regulations.

Emergencies are unpredictable, but their impact is mitigated by our preparedness and instantaneous response. The Securex Security App, a free download on iOS and Google Play, empowers users to signal a security alert swiftly. The app facilitates instant SOS alerts to pre-registered contacts and the Securex command center, ensuring a rapid response in times of crisis. We at Securex are committed to excellence, dedicated to providing the service you deserve.

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