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Security Operations Center Services

Our centralized Security Operations Center (SOC) serves as the nerve center for security management, where operations are rigorously overseen and directed. This hub is outfitted with a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies, empowering our security professionals to tap into live data streams and uphold total situational awareness.

Empowering Security, Safeguarding Futures.

At Securex, we harness the transformative power of technology to provide unparalleled security solutions across East Africa. In an era where cyber threats and physical security challenges evolve rapidly, we are committed to innovation and excellence. Our services integrate AI, data analytics, and advanced surveillance systems to offer robust protection tailored to diverse sectoral needs—from governmental bodies to private enterprises and homes. As pioneers in the region, Securex stays ahead, ensuring your peace of mind in an uncertain world.

These solutions aim to deter, detect, and delay unauthorized access or intrusions into a designated area, ensuring the safety of assets, personnel, and operations within. The choice of perimeter security measures depends on the specific needs, threats, and layout of the property.
CCTV Cameras

Experience the power of cutting-edge CCTV cameras, meticulously designed to deliver the ultimate in surveillance. Our cameras boast advanced features always guaranteeing your safety and security.

With our CCTV cameras, you can enjoy:

  • High-definition video – Enables the capture of crystal-clear footage, presenting every detail with sharp precision. 
  • Night vision – Employs infrared technology for clear footage capture, even in low-light conditions. 
  • Easy installation – User-friendly in installation and setup, accompanied by intuitive interfaces for easy customization of settings. 
  • Wide-angle lenses – A broad field of view, allowing larger area monitoring without compromising image clarity. 
  • Motion detection– Identifies motion and sends alerts to your phone or email, keeping you informed of any activity in your premises. 
  • Remote access – Provides the facility to be accessed remotely, empowering you to monitor your property from anywhere, at any time. 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities – Distinguishes between various types of objects and people, delivering analytic results tailored to your specific needs.
Unite, configure, manage and monitor systems from any location globally! At Securex, we utilise sophisticated analytics modules to ensure all components of our Video Management System (VMS) integrates seamlessly, providing accurate and efficient monitoring.

• Person Identification and Tracking  

• Object and Scene Analysis  

• Crowd Management  

• Special Detection Features 

An access control system regulates entry into your premises, guaranteeing admittance only to authorized personnel. This key component safeguards your personnel, assets, and sensitive information while enabling you to track movements into and out of your premises. Our access control systems can seamlessly integrate with other security features such as turnstiles, intruder alarms, CCTV, and fire detection systems, creating a robust and comprehensive security solution.

This solutions have the following capabilities:-

  • Authentication  Verifies user identity through biometrics, keycards, or passwords 
  • Remote Access Control Allows management of access permissions from a remote location 
  • Alarm Triggers  Alerts system administrators of unauthorized entry attempts 
  • Authorization Grants or denies access based on user clearance levels. 
  • Seamless Integration  Easily integrates with intruder alarms, CCTV, and fire detection systems for comprehensive security 
  • User Management  Enables the assignment and management of user levels, permissions, and schedules. 
  • Audit Trails  Records entry and exit times, dates, and locations for accountability 
  • Time & Attendance Tracking Monitors personnel arrival and departure times for efficient scheduling. 
  • User-friendly Interface  Provides a straightforward platform for easy management and administration. 

Biometric systems are advanced security technologies that use individuals’ unique physical or behavioral characteristics for identification and authentication purposes. The core advantage of biometric systems is their ability to provide more reliable and efficient identification processes compared to traditional methods, such as passwords or PINs, which can be easily forgotten, lost, or stolen.

Our Biometric Systems Classification 

Our Biometric systems are broadly classified based on the type of biometric data they use

  • Fingerprint Recognition: One of the most common and widely used biometric systems, it analyzes the patterns of ridges and valleys on the surface of a finger.
  • Facial Recognition: This system uses facial features to identify an individual. It captures, analyzes, and compares patterns based on the person’s facial contours.
  • Iris Recognition: Recognizes individuals based on unique patterns in the colored ring surrounding the pupil of the eye.
  • Voice Recognition: Identifies and authenticates individuals based on voice patterns, pitch, and other characteristics unique to an individual’s vocal tract.
  • Palm Recognition: Measures and analyzes the shape of the hand and the lengths of the fingers.
  • Retina Scan: Identifies individuals based on the pattern of blood vessels at the back of the eye, which is unique to each person.

First impressions matter, and ours convey security through advanced turnstile technology. Our range of solutions, from optical turnstiles to full-height and waist-high options, assists in managing human traffic flow and enhancing entrance security. 

  • Optical turnstiles – Comprising two cabinet-like structures separated by a passageway, optical turnstiles utilize sensors to detect and monitor human traffic. 
  • Full-Height Turnstiles- Predominantly employed in high-security environments such as prisons and police stations, full-height turnstiles offer added security and can control large flows of personnel. 
  • Waist-Height Turnstiles – Consisting of three arms that form a waist-height tripod, waist-high turnstiles are an effective crowd control solution. 

Security screening is a critical component of modern security measures, utilized across various sectors such as airports, government buildings, corporate offices, and public events to detect and prevent the entry of prohibited items. These solutions range from metal detectors to advanced imaging technology, each designed to ensure safety and security.

Playing a crucial role in preventing the transportation of harmful materials such as explosives, narcotics, weapons, or contraband, baggage and cargo scanners are indispensable for airports, passenger terminals, and high- security businesses.

We offer luggage scanners in a range of sizes to cater to your specific needs, including

  • Mail and Small Package Scanners
  • Checkpoint Scanners
  • Large Baggage Scanners
  • Cargo Scanners
  • Car/Truck Scanners

Securex is an authorized distributor of Garrett’s hand-held metal detectors, the most recognized metal detectors in the world. The detectors are able to detect everything from a medium-sized pistol to a knife, to even drugs. 

Our hand-held and walk-through metal detectors provide security screening at commercial premises to restrict dangerous weapons entry.  

  • Hand- Held Metal Detector: Hand-held detectors are portable and easy-to-use, signaling upon metallic object detection. 
  • Walk-through Metal Detector: Walk-through detectors employ advanced technology detecting metal across 33 body zones. 

Explosive detectors are critical tools in the global effort to enhance security, particularly in airports, cargo facilities, public buildings, and sensitive locations. These devices are designed to identify the presence of explosive materials by detecting specific chemical compounds associated with explosives.

Our highly accurate, durable explosive detectors can swiftly detect even the smallest traces of explosives, which are not easily discernible to the human eye.

Our detectors employ Ion Mobility Spectrometry Technology for identifying military, commercial, and homemade explosives. With a user-friendly design that requires minimal operator training and only periodic cleaning for maintenance, our detectors ensure ease of use and longevity.

Our Fire suppression systems are designed to detect and extinguish fires promptly, protect human life and minimize property damage. Our range of systems includes water-based, gas-based, and foam-based, each suitable for different environments.

Distinguishing fire suppression from fire sprinkler systems is crucial. While both detect and tackle fires, sprinkler systems only control fire spread until the fire department arrives, whereas suppression systems aim to completely extinguish the fire. Our systems ensure maximum safety, regardless of the risk level.

Fire Detection Systems

Fire detection systems are a critical component of building safety, designed to identify the presence of fire or smoke and alert occupants and emergency services promptly. These systems are essential for early detection, allowing for timely evacuation and minimizing damage.

At Securex, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive protection for our clients. In partnership with leaders in innovative smart technologies, we possess the technical expertise to deliver world-class fire detection systems. Our offerings include:

  •  Fire alarms
  •  Smoke detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors:
  •  Fire extinguishers
  • Emergency communication System

We believe these are essential to ensuring your family’s safety against any fire-related risk. Additionally, carbon monoxide, an odorless and tasteless gas, poses a significant threat due to its difficulty to detect in a timely manner. To address this, we also provide reliable carbon monoxide detectors, ensuring complete safety for your home and loved ones.

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