Boardroom Audio Visual Solutions

Bridge the gap between remote and in-office workers with a meeting room solution that enables full participation from anywhere. Our Boardroom Audio Visual Solutions are designed to transform meeting spaces into productive and innovative hubs. Features include video conferencing, white boarding, and wireless presentations.

Key features of our system

  • High-Quality Audio Systems- Clear and crisp audio is ensured with microphones, speakers, and sound processing equipment. Whether in the room or joining remotely, every participant can hear and be heard without issues.
  • Video Display Systems- Large format displays, projectors, and interactive whiteboards allow for sharing of visual content such as presentations, documents, and multimedia.
  • Video Conferencing Equipment- Cameras, microphones, and software solutions enable high-quality video and audio transmission for meetings with remote participants.
  • Control Systems – Easily manage AV equipment, lighting, window shades, and room temperature from a central interface. Custom programming allows for accessibility to all users, regardless of technical expertise.

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