Future of Security in Technology

Imagine a large-scale production company that employs hundreds of workers in its factory. To ensure the safety of its workers and optimize production workflows, the company has tried implementing solutions that will ensure safety and smooth workflow to no avail. The use of manpower has been quite expensive since the monitoring workforce used is quite […]

A Recap of the 10th Edition Securex Value Awards

At Securex, we are one big family. And as a family, we share our stories as a way of supporting and encouraging each other. For this reason, every year we celebrate amongst us those who have lived by our core values “We Are Family” and “Whatever It Takes.”  Whatever It Takes describes the duty of Securex staff to […]

Benefits of an Integrated Smart Parking Solution for Your Business

Automatic Parking Barrier At Securex, we understand that not every parking facility is the same, nor does every facility face the same challenges. Therefore, our integrated parking management solutions provide you with a wide range of additional features to customise your installation, boost your revenue, and improve your visitor’s experience.  These systems use advanced technology to optimise […]

Real or Fake? How to Identify Authentic Garrett Metal Detectors

The Garrett Super Scanner, a handheld metal detector, is widely recognized as the world’s most popular hand-held metal detector. It was originally designed for the 1984 Olympic Games and has been continuously updated to meet evolving metal detection needs, making it a flagship security equipment.   Garrett metal detectors are renowned for their exceptional quality and reliability. However, the growing […]

The Cube

The Cube, Riverside Nairobi Commercial Property The Cube, a modern commercial building in Nairobi, faced several security challenges common to commercial properties Talk to Our Experts The Challenge Controlling access to the main gate and building  Screening vehicles and people  Conducting thorough luggage checks  Restricting access to authorized areas  Given the high traffic and diverse […]

Glee Hotel

Glee Hotel Hospitality Glee Hotel enhances guest safety with advanced surveillance, access control, and fire safety systems. Hospitality Talk to Our Experts The Challenge Glee Hotel, a five-star establishment catering to premium clients, faced security challenges including internal issues like physical attacks on guests, theft, and vandalism, as well as external threats. The Solutions To […]

IX Africa

IX Africa Data Centre Securex conducted a detailed risk assessment and implemented a comprehensive security solution Data Centre Talk to Our Experts The Challenge IX Africa, East Africa’s largest data hub, required a sophisticated security system to deter real-time intrusions, protect against disasters, secure sensitive areas from data breaches, and monitor entries and exits. The […]